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  • Janyary 1, 2019

  • In the following terms and conditions “we”, “our” and “us” means Vibe Crib, with all its rights. Vibe Crib has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and can be reached via e-mail: info@vibecrib.com.

    When you buy a ticket to any of our events, or visit our events, you agree to these terms and conditions, whether you read them or not. This applies even if you are our client. Vibe Crib disclaims all liability in relation to enlighten the visitor / customer of our terms & conditions.

    A visitor is only entitled to entry to our events, if you can show a purchased valid ticket, or an invitation. On request you should be able to show a valid ID card. Age limit for our events are presented before each event. We do not accept fake tickets, fake invitations or fake IDs, on suspicion of crime, the police will be summoned.

    We reserve the right to make a breathalyzer at the entrance to our events.

    Access to our events could be denied, if you without our permission try to enter with: professional photographic-, film- or sound-recordning equipment, food, drinks, animals, drugs, fireworks, weapons, PET bottles, cans, sticks, aerosol dispensers, glassware, CS gas, or other objects that we can consider as dangerous. Our security staff has the last word in case of discussion. Confiscated goods will not be returned.

    Vibe Crib is entitled to search visitors to the event, when entering and/or during the event. A person who refuses to undergo such a search may be prohibited from entering the event, or may be immediately removed from the event, without being entitled to a refund of the admission fee. We decide what is necessary to do, in order to maintain public order and safety during the event.

    We reserve the right to decide if you are suitable for visitors and viewers. This provision applies even if we are of the view that a visitor wearing an item of clothing, or wearing or carrying any sign, that Vibe Crib believes may be discriminatory or offensive to other visitors or live stream viewers, that may lead to aggression, agitation or harm Vibe Crib or the event. At the entrance should you as a visitor be decently dressed. You must be respectful to other visitors, and you may not strip you naked. You have the right to stay in bare upper body, whether you are male or female.

    A visitor should not in any way perform, or ask someone to cause damage to third parties, any equipment or anything that is owned or leased by Vibe Crib. Any vandalism will be reported to the police, you can also get banned from our future events.

    If it is not allowed to smoke indoors, follow our instructions to the designated smoking areas.

    The visitors to our events are obliged to comply with the regulations and/or any amendments to them and with instructions given by Vibe Crib crew, the operators of the location where the event is being held, the security staff, the fire brigade, the police and other authorised persons. Visitors who violate an order or prohibition will be removed immediately.

    When you buy a ticket to our events, you have permission to sell them to third parties, but you have no permission to use them as prizes in various competitions, without permission from us. If this prohibition is violated, we will be entitled to refuse entrance to the event. Vibe Crib will not, under any circumstances repay a bought ticket, the entrance fee or the ticket office fee / service charges. This also applies even if the concerned event for any reason is being canceled.

    Visitors enter our events on their own risk. We are always limited to the amount the insurance company pays out, in case of injury. We disclaim all responsibility when it comes to visual disturbance and hearing loss. A visitor should not touch, stand right next to, or look straight into any light effect, this also applies to the strobe effects, laser effects and film projectors. The music will be played loud at our events and Vibe Crib advises the visitors to give their hearing a rest periodically during the event, by moving to a space where no, or lower volume of music is being played.

    Vibe Crib is authorised to make audio and/or visual recordings of any event we make, and the visitors to the events and to duplicate and publish those recordings in any manner whatsoever. When you visit our events, you agree that recordings can be made, edited, published and used, but you can not demand compensation. If a visitor take a photo(s) with a camera or cell phone, Vibe Crib owns the photo(s), and have the right to use it for what we want, even if the visitor publishes it/them on the internet, etc.

    The marketing we do, such as posters, TV commercials, radio advertising, Internet advertising, or other commercial advertising, may not be copied, modified or manipulated without a written permission from Vibe Crib.

    We will keep our event schedules as best we can, there may be variations and deviations in a planned event. Delay may occur.

    Illness or cancellation by the artist(s), or bad weather conditions, will give Vibe Crib the right to postpone any event to another date, or to hold it at another location, or to cancel the event. If an event is moved to another date or being canceled, we will inform you in a appropriate way.

    Vibe Crib assumes no liability for any damage against the visitors if an event is canceled, such as booked hotels, flights, busses, taxi etc.

    We will not share personal information with third parties. Read more under privacy policy.

    You are as a visitor obligated to follow us through our website www.vibecrib.com in order to stay updated about the events that you have tickets to.

    These terms and conditions apply to all projects developed or created by Vibe Crib, unless otherwise indicated.

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