EILLOM is a female Swedish Techno DJ and producer, whose passion was ignited after attending her first techno party in Gothenburg. “It was a defining moment for me - I got hooked on the heavy kick drums, the vibrating sub-bass and the protruding melodic leads”. Her brand of techno offers enigmatic synth-melodies, dreamy arpeggios and obscure pads over a typical thumping, techno beat – “I would describe my music as a mysterious and dramatic journey through dark soundscapes combined with a typical techno beat.”

With influences such as Pig&Dan, Enrico Sangiuliano and Amelie Lens, her set list is likely to include: Township Rebellion, Sama, Joyhauser, 2Pole, Spektre, Victor Ruiz and some of her own productions.

Eillom belongs to two collectives, the female-founded ‘Yoko DJS’ in Sweden, which provides studio space and workshops for DJ's of any gender to hone their skills and collaborate; and in London, she is part of the Ècouter collective, who provide platforms for female artists to showcase their talent - in a bid to break down gender barriers. "I just don’t want us to be separated by gender, but there aren’t many female DJ's around, and I really want to see more; we need to help each other. I don’t know why there are so few girls; it is a hard industry – But I think that we basically just have to stand up for ourselves and do exactly what we want to do!”

Amelie Lens being such a pivotal inspiration, Eillom is keen to follow her trailblazing lead and create opportunities, and inspire female DJs to create a more gender-equal underground scene.

  • LATEST : May 2019
  • LOCATION : TaKeT, Gothenburg
  • GENRE : Techno



TaKeT, Gothenburg
May 2019
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