Biotech Patagonia


Violeta Reynal & Constantino Vela come together to create a new dj/live performance. Using a TC Helicon 2, mixing melodic techno tracks, they ́ve created a unique show by improvising hypnotic vocals and keys.

With performances in cities in Patagonia, Barcelona (Spain), Concepción (Chile), Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Neuquén, San Juan and Chaco, show after show they have spread their sound receiving a very positive response from the crowd.

They ́ve shared stage with Dj's like Madloch (Belgium), Sergio Martinez, Leo Bruzonic, Fifty, Knowbru (Córdoba), Luis Caballero, Fernando Miramontes, Nico Braver, Negro Pesimo (Chile), and more...

In 2016 they set foot in Barcelona playing in venues like Hiroshima, Freedonia cultural center, Cara B and Cafe de les delices with piano and violin, staying true to their hybrid style.

In December 2018 they released their first Ep, Natura, on Franco Bianco & Raffaella Bechina ́s label, Dilek Records, alongside Uner & Viviana Toscanini ́s remix for their track Natura.

They produce other national and international djs in Patagonia under “Into the Woods producciones”, as well as #legarden2019, a party entirely produced by them, unique in its Patagonian style and sound.

  • LATEST : July 2019
  • LOCATION : Bar Olimpia, Barcelona
  • GENRE : Electronic



Bar Olimpia, Barcelona
July 2019
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